Nice comments from our Friends

They say the best advertising is by word-of-mouth, and in rural Maine a good reputation is hard to get and great to hold onto. Here are some of the things our customers are saying about us.

You can count on them

“When our furnace started smoking on Christmas night, the furnace guy couldn’t fix it because the chimney was blocked. We called Jeff St. Cyr in the morning, and he was down right away! The furnace guy was amazed that the job was done so fast! The St. Cyrs are great people, and we’re so happy to be able to count on them when we need them!”

Tom C - Bridgton

Welcome anytime

“I was not home for the service appointment but my wife was. She was very impressed with the quality of service, cleanliness and explanation of services performed aa well as future recommendations. Dirty Bristles will be welcomed in our home again. Thank you.”

Doug and Karen - Naples

I was impressed

I want to thank you so much for cleaning out my chimney.  No more precariously hanging off from my roof to perform that task any more.  I was impressed with how quick and easy you cleaned up my dirty chimney which was fairly well clogged with soot.  And it was all done from ground level and at a very reasonable price.  I will continue to recommend your services.


Peter W - Bridgton

Highly recommended 


Jeff St. Cyr services my chimney. Excellent work, I recommend him highly."

John W - Hiram