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Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc., offers many different services in addition to sweeping chimneys.


We help service and maintain your wood stove, wood fireplace or wood insert, your gas stove, gas fireplace or gas insert and your pellet stove or pellet insert. 


Maintenance is the key to keeping your appliances up and running in the cold months here in Maine.  We suggest cleaning wood and pellet stoves in the spring as soon as the burn season is over.  Spring or summer cleanings allow for parts to be ordered if needed and issues taken care of before it turns cold again. 


Gas products are better serviced in the early fall before they are needed. Sitting all summer in the humidity can cause fouling of the intricate parts of propane appliances.


Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc., can assess for stainless-steel liner systems for oil, wood and pellet appliances.  If a liner is needed, we can refer you to companies in the area.

CLASS A CHIMNEYS: (Metalbestos)

Class A chimneys for wood or oil are also one of our services. We proudly install ICC chimney for Class A projects. 


Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc., provides a variety of options for chimney caps. Our caps are semi-custom, made to order, stainless-steel that will last a lifetime. There are many types and styles to choose from, even COPPER!  Caps are best suited for spring/summer projects.  Dirty Bristles does not do any roof work after December 1 or after the first hard frost - whichever comes first.


Top-Mounted Dampers are a great option for fireplaces that have no damper or have a failed damper.  There are several different top-mounted dampers to choose from.


Dirty Bristles works with a local sheet-metal custom designer to create chase tops for those hard to fit chimneys.


A cricket or snow wedge is vital to keeping snow and ice diverted around pipes and chimneys. Class A chimneys can be swiped right off a roof from snow load without a properly sized and properly placed snow wedge.


We work with local real estate agents to provide inspections in a timely manner for the transfer of property within the 14 day window. If we cannot meet the 14 day window, a contingency may be written into the closing agreement. See details and pricing on our services menu.


Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc., partners with local stove shops to offer the most current, EPA approved stoves and fireplaces available.  When you have a project site-check done, we will offer you every available appliance that will both fit your needs and heat your space appropriately. 


Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc., partners with local masons to repoint, rebuild or reline your chimney as needed.  

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