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Jeff St. Cyr

President, Dirty Bristles Chimney Sweep, Inc.

Jeff and Ethan

Jeff St. Cyr is an all around great guy who loves what he does and does what he loves. He grew up on Cape Cod sailing and he loves being on the water fishing and boating during the summer.  Winter comes and he loves skiing and snowmobiling.  Living here in the Lakes Region of Maine offers the best of both worlds to Jeff and his family.  Known to his friends and family as a “MacGyver,” Jeff can fix and do just about everything.  He’s never met a project he couldn’t finish.  Jeff is a wonderful husband and father and his family-first attitude carries through to his work.  He loves the chimney sweep business and he is looking forward to cleaning your chimney, servicing your appliances and making every attempt to keep your home safe and secure during the heating season.

Jeff has earned his Certified Master Chimney Technician and is a licensed gas technician in Maine.

Ethan St. Cyr

Vice President

Deb St. Cyr

Treasurer and Office Administration 

Olivia Parke

Receptionist and Office Coordinator

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